Electricity supply

JSC "ENERGOCOM" operates on the electricity market as an electricity supplier, being authorized by AC license no. 001293 of 16.01.2018,

issued by the National Agency for Energy Regulation, for the following activity - electricity supply. The company operates by supplying both non-regulated and regulated prices as a central electricity supplier.
The supply activity of JSC "ENERGOCOM" consists of:
- commercial and financial management of electricity import contracts for the internal electricity market needs of the Republic of Moldova;
- concluding direct contracts for the supply of electricity from domestic and outside energy sources with electricity supply companies, electricity distribution networks, system operators and economic agents (eligible consumers of electricity);
- commercial and financial management of electricity export contracts from domestic generation sources;
- commercial and financial management of contracts for reserve capacities.
For the period between April 1, 2020 - April 1, 2021, JSC "ENERGOCOM" has concluded a contract for purchase of electricity with the electricity producer located on the left bank region of the Nistru river ЗАО "Молдавская ГРЭС", for the activity of supplying electricity at unregulated prices.
Additionally, during that period, as a Central Supplier JSC "ENERGOCOM" purchased electricity on the market from eligible power plants that produce from renewable energy sources and electricity produced by urban district heating power plants.
Electricity is supplied to distribution companies, suppliers at regulated and unregulated tariffs, economic agents – eligible consumers in the Republic of Moldova.
Currently, JSC "ENERGOCOM" does not have any contracts for electricity export.