The Joint Stock Company "ENERGOCOM" was created as a result of reorganization of the State Enterprise "ENERGOCOM", which was created based on the Decision of the Government of the Republic of Moldova no. 1467 on December 30, 2004.


Beginning with July 1, 2014, JSC "ENERGOCOM" obtained the AA license no. 087157 issued by the National Agency for Energy Regulation, for the following activity – the supply of natural gas at unregulated tariffs, which was also perfected, according to the legislation, in the AC license no.001294 from 16.01.2018.


JSC "ENERGOCOM" is the successor of rights to the SE "ENERGOCOM" with for the following activity - the supply of electricity at unregulated tariffs, authorized by AA license no. 064665 of 01.01.2010 issued by the National Agency for Energy Regulation (AC license no. 001293 of 16.01.2018 perfected in accordance with the provisions of Law no. 107 of 27.05.2016). The main object of activity is the supply of electricity: the import and export of electricity, the exchange of electricity with external interconnection partners for the purpose of internal market’s electricity balancing, in order to avoid production-consumption imbalances.


By the Republic of Moldova Government’s Decision no.885 of 01.11.2017,
JSC "ENERGOCOM" has been designated as the central supplier of electricity.
In its activity, the company is guided by the laws of the Republic of Moldova, Parliament decisions, Republic of Moldova Presidential Decrees, decisions and dispositions of the Government, decisions taken at the Ordinary or Extraordinary General meetings of shareholders and decisions of National Agency for Energy Regulation.
The company is a legal entity, has its own balance sheet, a stamp with the printing of its name in the state language, settlement accounts in the banks of the Republic of Moldova, material means in order to exercise its functions.